Intertex Tunisia 2023

Intertex Tunisia

  • Tunisia is emerging as one of the major production sites of clothing products in the Euro-Mediterranean zone. It’s the sixth largest supplier of textile to Europe; more than 95% of Tunisian exports go to Europe.
  • Being among the most competitive economies in Africa and the Arab world, the Tunisian economy offers businesses an environment of higher quality than those found in main competing countries.
  • The Textile & Clothing sector is positioned as a pillar of Tunisian industry and retains a prominent place in the national economy and maintains a strong contribution to the socio-economic balances of Tunisia.
  • The member countries of the European Union (EU), including France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Portugal, are the main destinations for Tunisian textile-clothing exports.
  • Between March 1 and March 31, 2023, these countries absorbed about 81% of exports.
  • In Tunisia, the textile-clothing sector has about 1880 companies, 90% of which are totally exporting. 45% of these companies were created in partnership with foreign investors.
  • The sector occupies a prominent place in the country's economy. Year in year out, it represents nearly 20% of exports and employs some 176,000 people, or more than 30% of employees in the manufacturing sector.